blog January – April 2019

Thurs Jan  17I arrived in the US on Jan 9 very tired – but have had a nice week, incl a few days in San Diego & Honolulu. I first visited Honolulu in 1986 & that started my love affair with America (never thinking I would eventually live there). Today I am off to my […]

blog August 2018- January 2019

Wed Aug 29 I have been back in Australia 3 weeks now. From the time I got home the weather has been very cold……the last 2 days have been 1 c when I wake – the coldest Melbourne day for 60 years! Most of the time I have been catching up with friends, which is […]

blog March – August 2018

Mon March 26 It has taken me longer than usual to get over jet-lag this time……a sign I am getting older! Last week there was much to do & people to contact. Friday I flew to Adelaide for the weekend – Saturday being the 1st home game for Port Adelaide. Before the game there was […]

blog Feb – March 2018

Jan 26 Australia Day I arrived safely in SD on Monday after good flights. As soon as I checked into my hotel I caught the bus to All SS, to collect my green card & other mail. I was quite tired, so went to bed before 8 pm. Next morning I got my usual $5 […]

Blog Nov – Jan 2018

Saty Nov 18 I arrived safely back in Melbourne on Thursday…..& was greeted by a wet day. On the bus to St K I started setting up my new iPhone, which links with my ipad & home computer. Great to have a new toy! After unpacking & showering I went down the street for the […]

All Saints’ Sunday, 2017 Nov 5

ALL SAINTS’ SUNDAY Father Tony Noble. Rector Emeritus – All Saints’ Episcopal Church, San Diego, CA SHOWING THE WAY TO HEAVEN Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. Seeing God is what the saints in Heaven do. Today we honor them as we keep our Patronal Festival. 3 weeks […]

blog Aug6 – Nov6 2017

Sun Aug 6 I landed safely in Melb last Thurs – but was taken aback by the weather. 3c when we landed………Melb’s coldest Aug day for 50 years, they said! Since then I have been organising my life back in St K & trying to adjust to jet-lag. This means my usual daily 1 hour walk – […]

Blog- June – July 2017

Wed June 7 I arrived safely in SD on Monday. It was a nice United flight in which 2 flight attendants remembered me from previous flights! Weather here is typical for what they call June Gloom. I am staying, for the 1st time, at a time-share in the downtown district of Gaslamp. Yesterday I passed […]

Blog – March 2011

Tues 1 Is March really here! A busy morning in the office, Mass at 12 noon & HC visits in the a/noon. Wed 2 I have now packed 7 suitcases at home….& still there is too much stuff left! After 9.30 am Mass I go to get a fingerprint scan. If I want to work […]