New pics just posted on my last entry in March blog

Fri April 3

What a lot has happened in the past month! Like most people, I am self-isolating & social distancing… words for the time! Planned footy trips have been cancelled & my next overseas trip to Walsingham is in doubt. Am hoping that Australia will get thru this quickly & life can go back to normal in May – but who knows?

Fortunately restrictions were not in place before Fr Philip Warner visited Melbourne. I was able to arrange for him to preach at All Saints, E St K, which everyone thought was excellent. I also arranged for a superb lunch after the Mass & a dinner party at my place during the week. I hope he enjoyed Melbourne enough to want to return πŸ™‚

I started Lent by giving up alcohol & chocolates, as usual, & going to Daily Mass. Now I have been forced to also give up travel, footy & going to church. It will be a strange Holy Week & Easter – such a contrast to last year.

Sun May 17

Covid19 has introduced us to 2 new terms….social distancing & self isolation. I have been doing both. Each day seems the same – except I distinguish Sundays by having my usual light breakfast & nice lunch. My daily routine includes reading & my usual 1 hour walk. I have enjoyed discovering new streets & lanes in St K. As nice as the beach is, I have avoided walking along there because of all the cyclists, joggers, dog-walkers & people who would usually be at work. Going shopping has been my only real “outing” & fun as I try to find food & drink that I need.

Last week we were given permission to have 5 people in our homes. Unfortunately I can not invite people here for a meal because tomorrow the renovation of my kitchen comments. This will take 4 weeks (I hope!). My kitchen has needed renovating because of the condition it was left in after 14 years of tenants. I was so impressed with the work on my bathroom last year that I asked the builder to give me a design & quote. Now he is ready to start……..very exciting!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I shall have lunch with my friend, Robert, & dinner with my neighbour, Beata. The rest of the week I will be enjoying dinners with other friends.