Mon March 26

It has taken me longer than usual to get over jet-lag this time……a sign I am getting older! Last week there was much to do & people to contact. Friday I flew to Adelaide for the weekend – Saturday being the 1st home game for Port Adelaide. Before the game there was a picnic lunch in the car park with the friends I sit with. It was a good start to what was a great afternoon, with Port winning by over 8 goals. Now I am back in Melbourne & look forward to Holy Week at All SS. On Saturday I go to Sydney, as Port Adel are playing the Sydney Swans one Sunday afternoon.

1st home game for Port Adelaide. Before the game there was a picnic lunch
1st home game for Port Adelaide. Before the game there was a picnic lunch
Tues April 3
I had a wonderful weekend in Sydney. Went to Easter Day High Mass at Christ Church St Laurence, the famous Sydney anglocatholic church. 50 years ago when I usually went to Sydney for summer holidays, CCSL & its well-known priest, Fr Austin Day, had a great impact on me (as on so many others). So it was nice to be back. It was a long time ago & my friends from those days have all moved on – but I am grateful for those exciting days of my youth. Then in the a/noon I went to the SCG to see Port Adel do battle with the Sydney Swans. It was a wonderful game as Port came from behind to kick 7 goals in the 3rd 1/4ter & run out winners. I was sitting with the cheer Squad only 2 rows from the fence & it was very exciting. At the end of the game the players came down to us to show their appreciation, as usual.
I flew back to Melbourne yesterday – in time to go to the MCG for the Easter Monday game. And what a game it was, won by a point in the last minute. No wonder I love my footy! Today I assisted at the funeral of Fr Ian Hunter at All SS. I have known Fr Ian for 40 years & we were great friends thru our membership of SSC. The church was packed for the Requiem with a choir of 20 singing glorious music. It was a great send-off for a fine priest whom everyone loved.
1st home game for Port Adelaide. Before the game there was a picnic lunch
1st home game for Port Adelaide. Before the game there was a picnic lunch


Watch this Easter 2018 Monday game short movie

Tues 17

Last Wed I attended the monthly lunch of the Royal Society of St George. This is one of the British patriotic groups that exist in Australia to promote & celebrate our British heritage. Back in 1974 I belonged to a similar group in Adelaide, the Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship, & was able to enjoy some of their functions when I lived in London. The R S St G is a small group of interesting people & I decided to join it.

On the weekend I was in Melbourne for a change, as Port Adelaide were playing here on Sunday. On Saturday the PAFC Vic supporters group held a family day at the Melbourne Sports Centre. Despite a wet day it was a great event, with lots of supporters & all the players there. I was impressed with the way that they engaged with the fans, signing autographs & kicking footies with the kids. I got a great pic of our star, Robbie Gray, chatting to little Sophie, daughter of one of my friends. On Sunday I went straight from church to the footy. It was fun to be sitting with the Cheer Squad behind the goals & catching up with old friends. Unfortunately we lost πŸ™

Sun 28

The past 10 days I have been occupied with watching football & catching up with friends. As usual, I went to the ANZAC Day game at the MCG between Collingwood & Essendon. The ceremony before the game is always moving. C/wood won, which made it a great day! Yesterday Port Adel were in town to play North Melb. We had a Vic Supporters Group function before the game & then I sat with the Port Cheer Squad to watch what was a fantastic effort. It was a great win after the Club has endured a terrible week on many fronts – not least with my favourite player, Hamish Hartlett, injuring himself at training & now out for the year.Β This morning I will attend Mass at All SS & then to the MCG for another big game – C/wood vs Richmond, reviving memories of when they were powerhouse clubs in the 80’s.

Sat May 5

This has been a successful week…… San Diego condo was sold on Tues (US time). It has been quite an amazing experience, with my signing many documents via email without actually signing. The wonders of the digital/internet age. When my agent emailed me to say it had been sold I was delighted, but also amazed at the whole process. Subsequently there were many things to do, such as cancelling automatic payments & advising my US tax agent.

On Friday I flew to Perth for the w/e. Port Adel plays West Coast this a/noon at the new Perth Stadium. Shortly I go to the gathering of WA Port supporters & from there to the footy. I fly back to Melb on Monday.

Sat 19

Yesterday was my birthday. After last year’s big 70th celebration I had a quieter one this year. It began on Wed night with 3 close friends coming over for dinner. Friday morning I went to Mass & then spent several hours re-doing my Will. This was necessary since I sold my SD condo. One of my beneficiaries is the National Trust appeal for St Mark’s, Fitzroy. So I phoned to tell them I was re-doing my Will & wanted the St M’sΒ a/c #. I subsequently received an email giving the National Trust bank a/c details & asking me to let them know when I gave the donation. I replied that it was for my Will & I intended to live a few more years yet! In the evening I had dinner with my friends, the Dalle Molle family.

Today I am going to watch the Port Adel game played in Shanghai at the hotel where the Vic Port Adel Supporters Group meet up. Last year I went to Shanghai – but this year my finances are tight. Tomorrow I will have another lunch with old friends after going to Mass at All SS. Then it is just 2 weeks before I fly back to SD.