Wed Aug 29

I have been back in Australia 3 weeks now. From the time I got home the weather has been very cold……the last 2 days have been 1 c when I wake – the coldest Melbourne day for 60 years! Most of the time I have been catching up with friends, which is the usual thing when I return to St K. One thing out of the ordinary happened yesterday when I caught the tram from the city to St K. I noticed an older lady who looked suspiciously like a nun (I can tell!). I sat next to her & we started chatting about football (she supported Essendon) & living in St K. After awhile she revealed that she was a nun. I said that I knew & that I was an Anglican priest. We laughed! She said that she knew one years ago called Fr Tony. I said that it was me. Turns out she was involved in AIDS ministry 25 years ago & assisted me in some funerals. We chatted at length – then she revealed that she lived in the block right next door to me. I said that she must come to my place for dinner & we exchanged phone numbers. What an amazing thing πŸ™‚

Fri Sep 14

The weather continues to be crazy & unusually cold. This has not stopped me attending the 2 football finals at the MCG last weekend & the 2 again this weekend. This week was the annual SSC Synod – held here in Melbourne, instead of Sydney. It was good to catch up with my brother priests from all over Australia. The Master General was here from the UK & I discovered that he knew my friend, Joan. It finished with Solemn High Mass last night in All SS. Today I caught up with a former parishioner of All SS, SD, Lynda. We met in the city then caught the tram to St K & had lunch at my place. Incredibly, it is a little over 2 weeks before I go back to SD!