Thurs Oct 1

Tonight was the 1st adult confirmation class. A good group – 4 young men & a young woman. It will be interesting & enjoyable for them & me. I have been preparing adults for confirmation for 30 years & really like doing it.

Fri 2 Holy Guardian Angels

Tonight I am off to the 1st SD Symphony concert of the season…..Dvorak’s Symphony # 8. I have a season’s ticket – something I could never do in 18 years in Melb! I will also get to an opera in 2010. I had a seaon’s ticket a few years ago – but SD opera is Feb-Apr, & most of the operas are in Lent.


It seems that in their overhaul of our network my ISP has wiped all the blog entries between Oct 3 – 10 :-)

Readers have missed the exciting accounts of me getting a cold, the awful diocesan clergy conference & the difficult readings I have had to preach about! You can see the results of the latter on my recent sermons link.

Oct 11 – Pentecost 19.

Today’s gospel is about the rich young man – a perfect intro for a stewardship sermon. However, I decided to address all 3 readings & do some theological reflection. Can’t avoid the stewardship theme, tho, as our campaign is up & running. Monday is Columbus day – so a holiday w/e, & another opportunity to explore this country! After church I fly off to Richmond, VA, returning Tuesday. 

Mon 12

Had a pleasant day walking around historic Richmond. Lovely old houses & delightful cinemas from the 30’s. RC cathedral spectacular, but Episcopal church disappointing, even tho it’s very old. Went to the Civil War museum, then the Confederacy museum & White House. Learnt more American history 🙂  

Wed 14

A busy morning – always the way after a holiday! Tonight I am attending the Induction of the new Rector of St Dunstan’s. This is the 1st Induction I have attended since my own :-)

Thurs 15

Lunch with a priest, Fr Joe Patronik. 6 pm Mass, followed by adult confirmees.

Sun 18 – Pentecost 20

A beautiful morning. Excellent music at 10 am, but attendance affected by another charity walk. This a/noon I fly to SF for my day-off. Dinner tonight with Fritz – an acolyte who moved to SF for college. Tomorrow lunch with my oldest US friend, Wayne.

Tues 20

Today we kept St Luke. Busy morning in the office & Vestry at 7pm…..2010 budget to consider! However the really important thing that happened today was in London. The Vatican released a report which is to provide a canonical provision for ex-Anglicans to join the RC church. This is a new way for Anglicans to convert – & it is exciting for Anglo-catholics who feel embattled in ECUSA et al. It is a bold & generous offer from Pope Benedict. Full details are yet to be revealed – the statements will be on the parish website soon. This will require study, conversation & prayer. “Watch & pray” is my advice!

Thurs 22

The proposed Anglican Rite has dominated most of my emails & internet blogs! I have made a comment, which is on the parish website.

Fri 23

A busy morning: Mass, followed by bible study, followed by wedding interview. No sermon to write, so in the a/noon I did a HC visit.

Sat 24

Fog over the canyon this morning! At 4 pm we have our annual parish dinner to launch our stewardship campaign. We expect 100 & will be a gr8 night, as usual. This year a parishioner is speaking about a book he recently published. It is an interesting series of interviews with people of their WW2 experiences.

Sun 25 Pentecost 21

Rick Ochocki gave a fantastic stewardship sermon this morning. Attendance at 8 am good – but 10 am down again. We have lost 25 parishioners thru moving in the last 18 months, & the impact has been evident at 10 am since July. After church I took HC to a choir member who had been taken to hospital. At  2 pm I drove to LA. Nice trip until the traffic at Anaheim! I am staying overnight & tomorrow go to the Chinese consulate to get a visa for my 1st vacation next year.

Tues 27

Busy morning in the office. In the a/noon I saw my urologist for the annual check-up. It is 4 years since my surgery & everything is just fine. Dinner in the evening with parishioners – & a celebratory drink 🙂 

Wed 28 SS Simon & Jude

The old BCP collect for today says it all:  Almighty God, who hast built Thy Church uppon the foundation of the apostles & prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the head cornerstone: grant us so to be joined together in unity of spirit by their doctrine; that we may be made an holy temple acceptable unto Thee.

Thurs 29

Today was going to be a busy day – but everyone cancelled: HC visits, meetings & confirmation class!

Fri 30

A busy morning, then home at lunch time to do my sermon. At 3.40 pm Terry phoned to say that the new paschal candlestick had arrived. How exciting! This is to be blessed at Evensong on Sunday. Back at church at 4 pm for a wedding rehearsal. In the evening I went to SD Symphony for Mozart’s Requiem, which was wonderful.

Oct 31

At 4pm I had a wedding for a hispanic family. It was fun & I welcomed everyone in Spanish, which was well received….as Clare said – no-one laughed  🙂