Wednesday Dec 8 Immaculate Conception of BVM

Last night I announced my retirement as Rector of All Saints’. My final Sunday will be March 6th. Please click on the Retirement link opposite for the official letter to the parishioners.

Dec 15

It has been a difficult and emotional week since I announced my retirement. My life as Rector continues as usual – but there are also many other things to be attended to. EG: going thru all my files, making sure the parish is well organised, preparing for the transition, thinking thru all the aspects of leaving, contemplating what sort of life-style lies ahead – just for starters! Tonight a welcome contrast will be provided by the Pre-school Christmas concert – always a lot of fun 🙂

Thurs 16

This morning I met with Melissa about the applicants for her position. She went through all the applicants, & then Lea & her interviewed 5. The personnel c/tee will do 2nd interviews this Saty.

Fri 17 O Sapienta

Today is the 1st day of the great “O” antiphons. These are the traditional antiphons for the Magnificat at Evening Prayer each night in the week before Christmas. The missal also has them as the Alleluia verse at Mass each day, which means more of the faithful hear them.

O Wisdom, you come forth from the mouth of the Most High. You fill the universe and hold all things together in a strong yet gentle manner. O come to teach us the way of truth.

Sat 18

O Adonai and leader of Israel, you appeared to Moses in a burning bush and you gave him the law on Sinai. O come and save us with your mighty power.

Busy morning: 9 am Mass, 9.30 am Confessions, 10.30 am Staff interviews. In the a/noon a HC visit & then a Chinese students Christmas dinner 🙂

Sun 19 Advent 4

O stock of Jesse, you stand as a signal for the nations; kings fall silent before you whom the peoples acclaim. O come to deliver us, and do not delay.

Attendances were good today, despite the rain. 46 comms at 8 am & 92 at 10 am. Music was excellent, with 2 anthems: The Glory of the Lord (Handel’s Messiah) & Ave Maria (Faure/MacLeod). At High Mass the children of the Sunday School presented the annual nativity play. This year I wrote it as an enactment of the Angelus, & it took place when we say the Angelus, instead of as part of the sermon. We all sang “Away in a Manger” at the end, then processed out singing “Hail Holy Queen”, a la Sister Act 🙂

Mon 20

O key of David & sceptre of Israel, what you open no one else can close again; what you close no one can open. O come to lead the captive from prison; free those who sit in darkness & in the shadow of death.

Tonight I entertained 3 old friends from St Paul’s, Port Adelaide – David, Peter & Cheryl – for dinner. A pity the weather is so terrible for them!

Tues 21

O Rising Sun, you are the splendour of eternal light & the sun of justice. O come and enlighten those who sit in darkness & in the shadow of death.

No rising sun here today – just more rain! A busy day, with many things to prepare for Christmas, concluding with Vestry at 7 pm. It was a relaxed meeting, with good humour & a few laughs.

Wed 22

O King whom all the peoples desire, you are the cornerstone which makes all one. O come and save man whom you made from clay.

The terrible weather continues! After Mass I have a meeting with the bishop. In the a/noon I will start on my Christmas sermons.

Thurs 23

O Immanuel, you are our king and judge, the One whom the peoples await and their Saviour. O come and save us, Lord our God.

Last minute preps this morning & visits this a/noon. 6 pm Mass & a quiet night.

Fri 24 Christmass Eve

The church looks lovely, with all the poinsettias. Everything is in readiness. 9.30 am Mass followed by Confessions & a HC visit.

All Christmas Services had good attendances. There were only 2 children at 6 pm Vigil Mass, so instead of setting up of the Creche I gave an impromptu homily. 10.30 pm Carols featured 4 solos from our section leaders……absolutely stunning. Midnight Mass had the best attendance for years – 133 comms. I received a coonskin hat (ref All Saints’ Day sermon!)

Sat 25 Christmass Day

Fog this morning made it hard to drive. Another good attendance at Mass of the Day. I had a wonderful lunch with 6 parishioners. Very tired, of course, & fell asleep at 7 pm!

Sun 26 Sunday after Christmas

Cold & wet this morning. Church still looks lovely. Attendances not too bad, considering. Choir were beautiful again, with a stunning anthem during HC. My sermon went for just 5 mins, but was quite profound. HC visits this a/noon & dinner with parishioners at 5 pm.

Mon 27 St John

The rain has gone & it is sunny……just like Christmas in Australia! Fr John Edwards celebrates 12 noon Mass for his Name Day.

Tues 28 Holy Innocents

Not so busy today, apart from 3 Christmas sermons to edit. After 12 noon Mass I have a few appointments.

Wed 29 St Thomas a’Beckett

The rain is back! Reality of retirement is looming….various forms to fill in, & I have to start tidying up files, etc.

Thurs 30

A young parishioner, Tanner, was in the office today, doing various jobs, etc. A very kind & helpful offer, as it is time to produce the January magazine. Hospital visit in the morning & HC visit in the a/noon. 6 pm Mass finished what was a sunny day.

Fri 31 New Year’s Eve

After Mass the office was busy. In the a/noon my new administrative assistant, Kim, came in to familiarise herself with things. She starts on Monday. This evening I have been invited to a party in a downtown condo with magnificent views of the harbor 🙂