Nov 1  All Saints’ Day

Our festival! I spent the a/noon doing parish work & then said Mass at 6 pm.

Tues 2  All Souls’ Day  

Always a special day, as memories of departed family, friends & parishioners are remembered. Staff meeting at 10 am, then a busy day in the office. Requiem Mass at 12 noon & 6 pm.

Wed 3 

“O Lord, I shall be very busy this day! If I forget Thee, do not, Thou, forget me.”

Thurs 4

Another busy day in the office, with a HC visit in the a/noon & 6 pm Mass.

Fri 5

Melissa having day-off. Another busy morning in the office. 9.30 am Mass well attended. HC visit in the a/noon. My 1st symphony concert tonight – works by Chopin & Saint-Saens magnificent concerto # 3.

Sat 6

9 am Mass followed by various tasks. HC visits in the a/noon.

Sun 7  Patronal Festival

My sermon today began with the tale of Davey Crocket….at 10 am Bob chimed in with the tune, much to everyone’s amusement! I then told the stories of 2 people in Auschwitz – Fr Maximilian Kolbe & Etty Hilleson, a young Jewish writer. The music at 10 am was superb, with an anthem by Stanford & a HC solo by the tenor, Ron. We also had Bob’s tune for the hymn, Hark the Sound. At 5 pm we have Evensong & Benediction, with more wonderful music. We had an impromptu concert of bagpipes & drums after the Service, followed by a very enjoyable reception. A good opportunity to chat with people more than is possible on Sunday mornings.

Tues 9

After a wonderful Patronal Festival I am hoping for a much quieter week in the office than last week! This a/noon I have a HC visit & the finance c/tee at 7 pm. This is to finalise the 2011 budget for presentation to Vestry next week.

Wed 10  St Leo the Great

After a good financial c/tee meeting last night there are a few things to attend to in the office. I am so grateful for my training as an accountant! The usual Wed group in early – I am always taken aback by the kindness of ordinary parishioners. A HC visit in the a/noon & 4 parishioners for dinner in the evening.

Thurs 11  St Martin of Tours

A public holiday, so I have the office to myself. Ralph came in to do his usual jobs. HC visit in the a/noon & 6 pm Mass.

Fri 12

A busy morning in the office. Went to the bank to arrange transfer of church a/c’s. Sermon in the a/noon…an unusual subject this week (hint: it’s the gospel, as usual). At 7.30 pm we had a concert in the church presented by Grossmont College Master Chorale. A wonderful variety of music, incl Rutter, Mozart, Gounod, Britten & Marty Haugen. Bob was the organist, & our own Stephanie & Josh were soloists – & proud we were, too 🙂

Sat 13

Monthly Societies of Mary today: 11 am Rosary, 11.30 am Mass, followed by potluck lunch. HC visit after that, then home for my usual quiet Saty evening. I have parishioners coming for lunch tomorrow, so will do the preps tonight.

Sun 14  Pentecost 25

Our beautiful sunny weather continues 🙂

8 am Mass was packed – over 65 present. And none of them strangers! 10 am attendance also good, considering a few were away or sick. Afterwards I had 4 parishioners for lunch……serving the usual rectory casserole! Then at 5 pm I took Fr Edwards & Doris to dinner at a parishioner’s home. I have eaten far too much today.

Mon 15

My day-off. Had to get my car key fixed, then went to Mission Beach for 2 hours. Dinner at St Paul’s Manor.

Tues 16

Fog over the canyon this morning. Usual busy Tues morning in the office & pastoral matters after 12 noon Mass. Vestry at 7 pm – a lot on the agenda.

Wed 17

Vestry meeting went for 2 hours, & very productive. We are looking at a 2011 budget of $460K. To date pledges are $180K. Lots of office work to do this morning after the Vestry meeting, as usual. After Mass I had a pleasant meeting.

Thurs 18

Very foggy this morning. Appointment with parishioners this morning & a HC visit this a/noon. 6 pm Mass.

Fri 19

Meetings this morning, sermon this a/noon & SD symphony this evening 🙂

Sat 20

Rain this morning – that mucks up some plans! HC visit this a/noon

Sun 21  Christ the King

One of the gr8 Feast-days of the church. Yesterday’s rain continued, & this affected attendance at 8 am – but 10 am was full. High Mass concluded with Eucharistic Procession & Benediction, which was very moving. Wonderful music – we heard Mendelssohn, Purvis, Willan & Dale Wood, as well as gr8 hymns enthusiastically sung. The MC commented beforehand that when we did the Eucharistic Procession 2 weeks ago at E/song we made so many mistakes. I replied that we were only practising then – today we were “Dancing with the Stars” 🙂

Tues 23  St Clement

A relatively quiet week this week, because of Thanksgiving. Occasionally a priest makes a slip with familiar words…….after he reads the gospel he says silently: “May the words of the gospel wipe away our sins”. At Mass today I started to say: “May the words of our sins wipe away the gospel”. How true is that!

Wed 24

Today is the busiest day on the roads & at airports….shops are crazy, too. I walked to church , despite the rain. After 9.30 am Mass the pre-school practised for their Christmas concert, & altar was decorated for Thanksgiving. 

Thurs 25  Thanksgiving day

I love the Thanksgiving day Mass, with its wonderful hymns. A pity we don’t get more at it – just 36 communicants. After the Mass I stayed at the church for several hours whilst the pews were coated once again – hopefully fixing the problems that arose after they were done 2 months ago. My Thanksgiving dinner will be BBQ, beer & football with parishioners 🙂 

Fri 26

After Mass I will be staying in the office until the workmen finish the pews. None of the staff are in, so I am holding the fort!

Sat 27

Cold morning, but sunny day. I hope the church heating is fixed for tomorrow! After Mass there was a flurry of activity, as the Advent wreath was erected & altar guild busy. Workmen coming to finish the pews this morning. HC visit this a/noon.

Sun 28  Advent 1

Fr Krulak celebrated the 8 am Mass in honor of his 47th ordination anniversary. A few away because of Thanksgiving, even in the choir. Music at 10 am was very good – wonderful Advent hymns & 2 glorious anthems. My sermon was about death – a traditional Advent theme, but difficult to preach about.

Tues 30  St Andrew

Another sunny day, after a chilly morning. Mass at 12 noon was offered for all sorts of people – friends called Andrew, those born today, a priest celebrating his ordination anniversary, & Julia – who gave birth in the a/noon. Pre-school Oversight C/tee at 5.30 pm. Very good meeting, as I have now empowered the c/tee & the Director to be more responsible for management of the school. 

Wed Dec 1

A busy day. After Mass I meet with Lea to discuss the pre-school budget, then meetings with parishioners. At 2 pm I make my monthly HC visit to the ladies at Atria 🙂

Thurs 2

Thursday is always a quiet day in the office… opportunity for Melissa, Lea & I to get work done! In the a/noon I have a regular HC visit, a meeting, & then back for 6 pm Mass.

Fri 3  St Francis Xavier

One day I will get to Goa & venerate Francis Xavier! The usual Friday. At 7 pm we go carolling around the neighbourhood. I am not sure how many will turn up – it is the Christmas lights festival in Balboa Park. 

Sun 5  Advent 2

Today I preached about the Immaculate Conception. One parishioner was taken by the line, “As a simple Episcopalian priest, I understand this to mean….”!! Good attendance at 8 am (52 comms) but not at 10 am. The choir sang a stirring anthem with a wonderful opening by the contralto, “In the holy mountain of the Lord”. We also had gr8 Advent hymns.