Thurs July 1

I’ve had a lovely, relaxing week in Melbourne. Tuesday I went around Melbourne on the trams – Melb has the most wonderful public transport system. After lunch I caught the train to Victoria Park station, to see a nun who is a dear friend. This used to be the home of Collingwood FC, so lots of memories from the 80’s & 90’s. Wednesday I caught the train to Bendigo & had a lovely day with my former Bishop, Andrew Curnow. The diocese still remembers that I raised $25,00 for them at All SS last year. Thursday I went to Mass at St Mark’s, reflecting on my 18 years there. The rest of the day I caught up with old friends, incl my former secretary, who has just had surgery. Friday I will spend with my dear friends, Val & Jim. And (of course) each night I have had wonderful dinners with friends.

Tues 6

What a wonderful break I have had from the parish. I look forward to returning home to SD tonight – & back at church tomorrow 🙂 

Wed 7

A lovely welcome greeted me this morning, esp from the people at Mass! It was wonderful to say Mass again, after 5 weeks – every phrase was powerful. A busy morning, but I am already on top of all the work awaiting & have chased up the sick & housebound.

Sat 10

Society of Mary today, with 11 am Rosary & 11.30 am Mass, followed by lunch. It was a wonderful way to return to parish ministry, & I was warmly greeted. An a/noon HC visit followed.

Sun 11  Pentecost 7

It was very good to be back celebrating Sunday Mass & preaching – everyone was pleased to see me. The choir is now on vacation, but the quartet sang a lovely anthem, & the hymns were sung with gusto by everyone. After 10 am there was a flurry of activity, as we emptied the sanctuary in prep for work on the nave floor & pews. This will take 3 weeks, & Mass will be in the hall the next 2 Sundays. It will be an interesting experience – something I went thru for 5 months at St Mark’s. I removed the Blessed Sacrament to the Lady Chapel, where the tabernacle is now covered with a veil to match the frontal. For lunch I attended a party to celebrate the 50th birthday of Karl (treasure & a subdeacon). At 4 pm I took HC to one of our senior parishioners….so I am back into things as if I never went away 🙂

Thurs 15

The blog went on its summer break!