Fri Oct 1

A new month…& a busy morning! 9.30 am Mass followed by 3 appointments. Sermon in the a/noon & then the Australian Football Final replay in the evening. Go Collingwood 🙂

Sat 2  Holy Guardian Angels

Collingwood won!! The club song says: “Oh the premiership’s a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood” 🙂

After 9 am Mass I have lots of domestic chores (too busy during the week!) & HC visits in the a/noon, incl visiting the Scarboroughs in the facility they have moved to.

Sun 3  Pentecost 19

Excellent attendance at 8 am (53 comms) but a few away at 10 am (70 comms). I preached about Faith (as usual, from the readings). Several people, commented: a man with unanswered prayer, a woman facing surgery, another with questions about the Faith. The music at 10 am was excellent…..I was moved almost to tears by both the offertory anthem, “O Jesus I Have Promised”, by M Larkin, & Vaughan Williams’, “Love Bade Me Welcome” during HC. And, as usual, Bob’s gospel procession lifted us to heaven. After church I had a HC visit. In the evening I am going to a gathering at the home of 2 new parishioners.

Mon 4  St Francis of Assisi

Last night’s party was very interesting. Mostly people from USD’s Peace Program, incl the Dean – an RC religious. Typical young American students (90% female!) incl someone who ran her own bizarre “church” + a wonderful mixture of overseas students: women from Liberia, Zimbabwe & Kenya & men from Uganda, Sudan & Burma. I really enjoyed conversing about politics & human rights with the Burmese youth.

Today was rainy & I did the usual day-off things: gym, washing, cleaning, shopping, bank, doctor – as well as going into the office. Most clergy never go to the office on their day-off…but sometimes there are things that need attention!

Tues 5

Woke up feeling unwell – dizzy. It’s quite strange, seeing as yesterday was quiet & relaxing. Maybe the rain brought it? This morning I have 3 meetings & this a/noon a HC visit.

Wed 6

3rd rainy day in a row…I risked walking to church, & was okay. After Mass I had coffee with stalwart anglocatholic, Bill Appleton, then a meeting with Saturday’s wedding family. They have given me some Spanish to say at the beginning of the Service! In the a/noon I took HC to Fr Edwards & Doris, then visited a parishioner. A busy day was concluded by a delightful dinner at St Paul’s Manor with 8 members of our extended parish family.

Thurs 7  Our Lady of the Rosary

Today’s feast commemorates the battle of Lepanto, where the christians defeated the muslims in 1571! I have been to Lepanto, in Greece, & also Messina – the port in Siciliy from where they set off. Another wet & dull morning. A quieter day for me – this morning I have coffee with a young woman who was at Mass last Sunday & previously worked at St John’s cathedral, Spokane. HC visit in the a/noon & 6 pm Mass. All office work up to date, ready for wedding on Saturday.

Fri 8

The sun is back, & it is a happy day in the life of the parish. 9.30 am Mass, then at 10.30 am a special Mass to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Dennis & Sally Avery….a small family gathering. Meetings fill the rest of the morning. Home to do the sermon in the a/noon, then back at 4 pm for a wedding rehearsal, followed by the traditional rehearsal dinner. I have had to brush up my Spanish for the wedding! The family are regular attenders at High Mass & it has been a joy to prepare Ryan & Fallon for their marriage. Fallon was bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding 12 months ago, & I was delighted when they subsequently asked if they could get married in All Saints’. When I got home from the rehearsal dinner I went next door (# 6) for my  neighbour’s 50th b/day. More food & drink!

Sat 9

Another busy day! 11 am Rosary, 11.30 am Mass, followed by Societies of Mary lunch. 2 pm Nuptial Mass, with our quartet singing the Mass & 2 anthems. Should be lovely. 4 pm HC visit, then back for the wedding reception. More food & drink!!

Sun 10  Pentecost 20

Attendances down today, because tomorrow is a holiday. Also it’s a lovely sunny day! Even the choir was down – but they sang a delightful anthem, “Sing & Rejoice”. My sermon raised the issue of unanswered prayer – something which speaks to several of our parishioners: “Jesus is with us, even when we feel deserted”.

Mon 11  Columbus day

After a busy week I can do with a holiday 🙂

Wed 13  St Edward the Confessor

I remember attending Mass in Westminster Abbey on this day in 1974, when I lived in London. The following year I actually lived in Westminster, & attended Mass in the Abbey from time to time. Wonderful experiences all those years ago.

Thurs 14

Tonight I have the finance c/tee meeting, when we will be considering the 2011 budget. This year it is expected to exceed $500,000 – the highest since I became Rector 7 years ago. Back then the pledges totalled $100,000 & the school operated on a large deficit. One of my achievements as Rector has been to increase the giving and put the parish in a stable financial situation. 

Fri 15  St Teresa of Avila

Usual Friday – except no sermon to prepare. This Sunday we have a layman give an address about stewardship, a tradition I introduced. In the a/noon I plan to do a HC visit, then supper with parishioners – one of our lovely young families. 

Sat 16  St Margaret Mary

Today is the annual vestry consultation, starting with Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit at 9.00 am. Judy Borchert kindly arranged the food. Hopefully we will be finished (& exhausted!) by 2.30 pm. We finished at 2.05 pm 🙂 

Sun 17  Pentecost 21

Today Australia’s 1st saint, Mary McKillop, was canonised in Rome. Much rejoicing in Melbourne. St Mary of the Cross founded the Australian Sisters of St Joseph, & I remember their convent in Port Adelaide. There is a plaque marking her birthplace in Fitzroy, & I passed it every day during my 18 years at St Mark’s.

 This morning was wet & there was a cancer walk, so I thought attendances would be down. Altho we were down at 10 am (70 comms) we had the usual good attendance at 8 am (46 comms). As usual, a stunning anthem at High Mass. John Gray preached an excellent stewardship sermon. At 12 noon we had the annual stewardship lunch. In the past this has been a dinner, & that is why numbers were down this year.

HC visit in the a/noon, then dinner with 2 parishioners at the mexican restaurant overlooking Montgomery Field. Very nice.

Mon 18  St Luke

My day-off…& wet & dreary it was! In the morning I did the usual chores: gym, shopping, car. I also had some things to do from Saty’s vestry consultation, incl phoning an attorney – who did not return my call until 5.30 pm! In the a/noon I went to Balboa Park – strangely inviting with the damp – & finished the day nicely by having dinner with a parishioner.

Tues 19

A busy morning. I wrote my stewardship letter, which will now be posted out to parishioners with a pledge form & Sunday’s stewardship sermon. I look for a generous response towards our 2011 budget! At 11.15 am I went to St Paul’s Manor (diocesan seniors home) for a “thank you” lunch to all the clergy who minister to the needs of the residents. In the a/noon I have my annual check-up with the urologist……….it is 5 years since my surgery. At 7 pm I have the monthly Vestry meeting. Hopefully the positive atmosphere of Saturday’s consultation will continue 🙂

Wed 20

Another wet day! Important meetings with Senior Warden, Fr Krulak & attorney this morning, arising from Vestry Consultation. Hope to do HC visits in the a/noon.

Thurs 21

Still overcast, but I walked to church this morning. Office work all up to date…Melissa has even printed off my Christmas card. In the a/noon I drive to Temecula for a wedding rehearsal, followed by the rehearsal dinner at La Jolla. What a pity I don’t get frequent flyer miles for driving the car!

Fri 22

Raining again. I sure hope it clears up for John & Holly’s wedding this a/noon.

Sat 23

Wedding went well…no rain! Slight sprinkles this morning. Some HC visits today & the 70th birthday dinner for one of our good parishioners, Dennis Avery. After grace, the whole group (170) said the All SS birthday prayer with me – & Dennis gave me his 70 pennies for church! 

Sun 24  Pentecost 22

A busy Sunday, with a meeting between the 2 Masses & 2 HC visits after church. Lunch will turn into cocktail hour! We had a large congregation at 8 am (59 comms) because Sally had brought a number of guests with her from last night’s birthday dinner. High Mass attendance was down – probably because it was a Chargers game today. The anthem was a wonderful piece by Brahms. My sermon was about sin & forgiveness (again!).

Mon 25

My day-off was busy with doing parish business. At 2.30 pm I had an appointment with my doctor, after which I went to see the movie, The Social Network.

Tues 26

Usual busy morning in the office, visiting in the a/noon & dinner with parishioners who live downtown. Good company & food, with a chance to discuss church & promote All SS to strangers.

Wed 27

A very busy day today…9.30 am Mass followed by meetings with parishioners, tradesmen, diocesan offices & HC visit. Dinner at 6 pm with local business-women.  

Thurs 28  SS Simon & Jude

Today is the 60th anniversary of Fr Thrumston’s ordination….something I doubt that I will achieve! 6 attended the special 7 am Mass he celebrated. For me, another busy morning in the office, 2 HC visits in the a/noon & Mass at 6 pm.

Fri 29

Lots of activity in the office this morning, concluding with my weekly staff meeting with Melissa. Normally it is home to do my sermon, but I had a meeting at 2 pm, followed by 2 hospital visits. So sermon was done yesterday. I have never, in over 31 years, left a sermon until Saty. Dinner with parishioners in Chula Vista at 7 pm.

Sat 30

It is raining – so I drove to church for 9 am Mass. Fortunately I went to gym & did a load of washing before the rain started! More office work today (unusal for a Saty). I have a memo from our business manager to consider, a meeting & other administrative work. 2 HC visits in the a/noon. 

Sun 31  Pentecost 23

This would have been our Patronal Festival – but Halloween this a/noon changed that! Lovely sunny day, & onky average attendances. My sermon was on sin, again! At 10 am we had a solo for the offertory anthem & a stunning anthem during HC, Holy Art Thou, by Handel. I was supposed to be having lunch at Clare’s (acolyte & vestry) but she came down with a virus yesterday.