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  1. Well Tony,
    It seems as though you are having a great time, the country sounds really nice. Take care. Go Power for today against Carlton.

  2. Hi Fr. Tony, All seems wonderful! It’s great you’re having this grand experience. The sights you show and tell about are beautiful. Glad to hear of the spiritual blessings, too. Hope you continue to enjoy even more, the people, the sites, the cuisine, and the good wine. Magnifico! Splendido! Thank you for sharing your time with us. Know you are missed back here in San Diego. Millie grazie. Dio ti benedica! Ciao, Larry

  3. Hi Fr. Tony—–Did you drink the top half or the bottome half of that jug of wine?? My understanding is that the bottom half is always the best. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and enjoying the local sites and people–keep it up for the rest of your time there. Just don’t forget to come back to San Diego. Continue to have fun!!! Regards, JACK

  4. Hello Fr. Tony,

    This has been a wonderful experience reading about the town and surrounds you are happily residing. Hope the rest of your trip is great.

    Grant just back from a scouting function in Japan. The weather here is a bit different t the northern hemisphere!

    Keep well.



  5. North of you off the coast between Sicily is STROMBOLI (if I remember the name correctly) I.ve passed it a dozen times in my flagship ’68-’70, and it was always erupting. The east side was, yes, populated, by a few fishing families. Just south of Salerno and eastward is the Amalfi Drive, maybe earth’s most beautiful place, and Capri, which is my heaven on earth. During our first 2 years in Naples, in Bagnole, our neighbor was Lucky Luciano, who because during WWII he sided with the US/BRITAIN by preventing longshoremen strikes, was furloughed there. We also would see him from time to time on Capri. Nice folks we know

  6. Great Blog! You are in our prayers. Missing you, but enjoying Fr. Krulak’s homilies. Today, Fr. Edwards was sick and Fr. K did well with all roles.
    We went by the Hillcrest St. fair and sat with others at church booth after mass, lots of visitors stopped by.
    Looking forward to your return–and a presentation of your travel photos hopefully.
    Love, Burgesses
    Michael, Lisa, Miranda and Xavier(who is 1 years old now).

  7. Hi Fr. Tony. So glad to hear you are having such a wonderful time, of course we all knew you would. With all the wine, opera, wine, your Italian lessions, wine, site seeing, and oh yes more wine, who wouldn’t. (*_*)
    Say a special prayer for Jack & I. We will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary Aug. 12th.
    We miss you here in San Diego. Continue to have a good time and know we are thinking about you. You are in my prayers.
    Love & Hugs

  8. Good day, Father Rector.
    Your blog is great. For me,. I can place myself there and envy you as you work you way here and there exploring the island.
    This old duffer had to throw the towel in for Sunday but Father K. did an admirable job from the comments I have received.
    Continue to enjoy yourself and keep the narrative coming.

  9. Fr. Tony,

    I am enjoying reading your blog regarding your experiences. I know many of us at All Saints’ are looking forward to see your photos of your trip. Please take many for us to enjoy at the dinner on your return.

  10. Hi Father Tony

    Great to read that you are enjoying Sicily. Is the Santa Rosalia tomb the one on top of, and inside, the hill where the faithful walk up without shoes and give offerings? Nick and I went there with his Uncle 20 years ago. It is absolutely beautiful. Your writings are bringing back great memories for me of our honeymoon in 1988 and also 1998 when we took the boys to see where Nick was born (Contessa Entellina, one village away from Corleone, near Palermo). Make sure you visit the cathedral in Monreale with the gold roof….absolutely spectacular. Can’t wait to read more. Your friend Colleen

  11. Forgot to mention that I have told Nick’s Mum’s cousin’s son, Gilberto about your trip to Sicily so if he turns up to say hi you know where he is from.

  12. Hi Tony,

    It sounds like you are having a fabulous time in Sicily. Your comments about your explorations are both informative and entertaining.
    Love and hugs from us both.
    We look forward to seeing you when you are in SA next year.

  13. Father Tony
    Arriving Taormina (port of Naxos) on August 26th for the day on Regent cruise. Would you like anything from San Diego that I can carry with me to you? I leave San Diego on the 21st for Nice France.

    Refresh and recharge!
    Lynda Drennan Swenson of Coral Tree Plaza

  14. Hi there Father,
    I hope that you are not geting the power games on TV, they are not very exciting. I bought myself a new car last week (Citroen), if you have some spare time when in SA I can bring the Holy Water and get you to bless it.
    Continue to have a great time – reading about your exploits makes me want to go there.
    I have to go and see my orthapedic surgeon tomorrow I have injured my shoulder again.


  15. Ciao Reverendissime Tony! Your “High Mass” card arrived this morning.
    Quite colorful. I have been to Taromina. If you get a chance, a visit to Catania and Syricusa, might be of some interest to you. Have you had a chance to see the “Major Domo” (the R.C. Cathedral) in Palermo?

    E pace, e bene a tuti!
    Mike Mangoian

  16. Thank you for the postcard and blogs about Italy and Malta. The cusine of Malta includes rabbit, which I like and David does not, but he enjoyed it unwitingly at a dinner party hosted by the Italian Admiral in Malta! I also remember that Dave’s driver hated driving in Malta – British rules – Steve wasn’t used to the “wrong” side. All Saints is fortunate to have Fr Krulak’s service – you can relax and enjoy your sabbatical with no fear.

  17. Hi Tony,

    Wow, you are having a wonderful time. Why am I not surprised!!!!
    I have so enjoyed reading of your adventure and look forward to hearing all about it in person in a few weeks. I have lots to tell you and have been very busy with two deaths in the family.
    I leave Forster on Monday for Sydney then fly out to Vancouver on Wednesday. I will email you my final itinerary after I see the Travel Agent today. I don’t think there will be any changes so I will be In San Diego as advised. I will confirm that in my email.
    Keep enjoying yourself my friend and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.
    Take care and all the best.

  18. Hi Tony
    Just reading about your trip, thought I would let you know that St. Mary’s in Port Adelaide is no longer run by the Carmalites and neither is Mt. Carmel at Pennington. There are not enough priests to go around and both churches are run from Albert Park. St Mary’s celebrated its 150 anniversary last weekend. There are no Sunday Masses there any more only the vigil on Saturday. Fr. Monopoly has retired.


  19. Father Anthony,
    Greetings from your favorite restaurant. Hope all is well in Sicilia. The picture looks good. See you soon and God bless.

  20. Hi Fr. Tony,

    How fun to read about your adventures in Italy! Ian and I are settling in up in Monterey, and just about to begin our Italian course. Yes: “our.” There were open spots in the class, so two other wives and I are able to take the course, too. (At least, I will be able to do so if I scored high enough on the test I took this morning.) We’ll have to speak Italian together when you return, maybe on a visit back to San Diego.

    We think we’ve found a church we like here in town — very friendly people, theologically sound sermon, gorgeous building.

    Stay well and enjoy the remainder of your time in Sicily!


  21. Father Tony,
    I am enjoying reading about your travels and experiences. Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. Ciao Padre Antonio,

    Thats about the limit of my Italian (Aileen)
    Great to hear about your adventures brings back memories of our visit to Italy. We actually attended RC Mass conducted in French, in the church at the top of the Spanish steps. It is a beautiful spot to look out over Rome as you have described.
    We are glad you had a lovely break and are refreshed to face all that the coming year has in store for you.
    We watched Collingwood do their thing with Adelaide today – very exciting for you I’ll bet.
    We send you lots of Aussie hugs from our family and us of course.
    Aileen & Angela.

  23. Fr. Tony,
    Welcome back. Surely your time in Italy was an exciting experience. I am so pleased for you. I want to let you know that in July, my partner and I returned to the Washington, DC area -back to our place in Alexandria VA. I was given an unexpected opportunity for a new position, so I took it. It’s great to be home.

    Although I do miss All Saints, I hooked up with Grace EpiscopaI Church, in Alexandria.

    If ever in the area, please do not hesitate to contact me.



  24. Fr. Tony,
    “First time poster, long time reader” – hope this works. Thanks for the blog and the updates on the website. It’s good to be able to keep up even while so far away. Looking forward to the return, not quite half way and in dire need of some good old All Saints’! Thanks for everything.

  25. Fr Tony,
    It’s lovely to touch into your world in this way, and I look forward to your putting your sermons up in video on your site!!

    I am moving to Italy later this year (from South Africa) to live near Zilla, and we hope you will include us in one of your annual visits to Europe.

    Please include my sister Elizabeth Jane Ellen in your prayers. She is very ill and in intensive care at King’s Lynn Hospital. The story is long, but it is now 10 weeks since she went in for a relatively minor op.

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