blog July 2022 – May 2023

July 14 After my wonderful trip to Germany it took me a week to get over jetlag. Lots of practical things to do, of course, as well as contacting friends. There was also the usual round of medical appointments. Last weekend I went to Adelaide for a Port Adelaide home […]

blog January – June 2022

Wed Jan 5 2022 Here we are – a new year with many questions. Will Covid start to abate; will Melbourne (& Australia) return to some sort of normal life; will travel restrictions & rules settle down…… say nothing of world peace! These questions & more will be answered soon […]

DAILY BLOG – in descending order

Thurs June 15 I left Melbourne on May 29, arriving in San Diego the same day. I spent 3 busy days in SD & then caught the train to LA for the weekend. On Mon June 5 I flew to Vienna via Warsaw. I was looking forward to Corpus Christi […]

Blog – 2021

Tues Jan 5 2021 My Christmas was nice. Midnight Mass at St James & Mass of the Day at All Saints, followed by a great lunch with a diverse group of 6. The following Monday I had my new neighbour, Justine, here with Beata (my favourite neighbour) for lunch. On […]

blog April – December 2020

Fri April 3 What a lot has happened in the past month! Like most people, I am self-isolating & social distancing… words for the time! Planned footy trips have been cancelled & my next overseas trip to Walsingham is in doubt. Am hoping that Australia will get thru this quickly […]

blog January – March 2020

Christmas Eve I have had a nice week in London after good flights from Melbourne. Jet-lagged, of course! Have caught up with various old friends & definitely enjoying being here for Christmas. I also managed to visit an exhibition on Troy at the British Museum & the London Mithraeum – […]

blog July – December 2019

Tues Aug 27 I have not updated my blog for 2 months now, as my life has been crazy. As a result of the accident in Transylvania I have been keeping very quiet & not doing much. This is something I am not used to! Church & football have provided […]

Blog – May 2017

Tues May 9 As readers will have noticed, my website has been completely reconstructed. It is now very impressive – beautiful, in fact – thanks to George Dreyer. Unfortunately this meant I could not update my Blog until now. A brief report of the past 3 weeks follows. After Easter […]