Blog – April-June 2015

Thurs April 16 I arrived home safely & on time on Sunday. A quick shower & I was off to Mass at All SS. Because this trip was very quick, without the usual stopovers in the US, I was very jet-lagged & fell asleep before 7 pm. Then I woke up at 12 midnight! Each […]

My Ministry at All Saints’

Changing and Remaining A History of All Saints’ Church San Diego Stephen Cox For a PDF of this article: click here. Chapter 16 Arriving at the Future The drama of 1999-2002 emphasized the changes that had taken place in the All Saints’ community since the days of Father Satrang. For one thing, the community wasn’t […]

Blog – Dec ’14-April ’15

Sun Dec 7 Last Sunday 3 friends came for lunch after Mass at All SS. This began 4 days of having friends for either lunch or dinner… of them an old friend who has just returned to Melbourne after living in Canada for 20 years. Thursday I attended the opera, Falstaff, & on Friday it […]

Blog – Aug-Nov 2014

Mon Aug 18 I arrived safely home on Thursday. It was a sunny day in Melb & it was good to be back in St K. I prefer St K in winter because there are less visitors on the streets & the beach looks lovely. There was, of course, a pile of mail & other […]

Blog – June – Aug 2014

Mon June 2 My flights to the US were good & after a brief stopover in SD I was on my way to NYC. It is good to be back at the House of the Redeemer & I look forward to my 4 weeks at priest-in-residence. The weather so far has been sunny & warm. […]

Blog – Nov ’13 – MAY ’14

Nov 26 I have been home a week now & seem to be over jet-lag. Which is just as well as tomorrow night I attend the 1st night of The Ring Cycle. This is Wagner’s grand epic of 4 operas, performed in a continuous cycle over 4 nights – 2 of which begin in the […]

Blog – July-Nov 2013

Saty July 6 I arrived safely back in Melb on Thursday. On the flight I saw an excellent movie set in NYC, The Last Quartet. Excellent acting from 2 of my favourite actors & wonderful scenery in & around Central park, near the House of the Redeemer. It was all familiar & I recognised the […]

Blog – Feb 2013-June 2013

Fri Feb 1 I had a very good flight from Australia – over 7 hours sleep. SD was sunny when I landed. I had 2 busy days with practical/financial affairs & caught up with several close friends for meals/coffee & ate far too much! Today I fly to Austin, TX, for the w/e. Sat 2 […]

Blog – Dec 2012-Jan 2013

Mon Nov 26 Today I fly to Cairns. I am visiting Peg, the woman who was my sacristan at St Catherine’s (1981-85). She has been a faithful correspondent all these years (without email!) taking great interest in all my parishes & is now in a nursing home. After 2 days in Cairns I catch the […]

Blog – Oct/Nov 2012

Mon Oct 8 I have arrived in Walsingham! After 2 busy days in SD doing practical things I had an excellent flight to London. Using points I flew 1st class – a rare treat. Friday I stayed with an old Fitzroy friend, Alan, who lives in Fitzrovia. I was too jet-lagged to do anything, so […]