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Welcome to the website of Fr Tony Noble πŸ™‚ Please click here to see my daily Blog This is the website of Fr Tony Noble, an Anglican priest. I grew up in Adelaide & after 10 years working in 3 jobs went to London on a typical Aussie working holiday. […]

blog Dec 2016 – Jan 1 2017

Fri Dec 9 After several busy days tidying & cleaning my unit, sorting out my affairs, packing 2 suitcases & last minute medical appointments, I flew to SD on Wed 7. The flight was the new revamped United Business Class called Polaris. Amongst improvements were slippers & PJ’s – see […]

blog August – November 2016

Mon Aug 1 I had a nice relaxing week in the US. 3 days in New Orleans with stopovers in SD before & after. The trip to NO was to visit my good friend, Robert. He was due to fly from Melb to NO the same day as me, arriving […]

blog May – July 2016

Tues May 3 My flight from Melbourne was good – except that I seem to have caught a bad cold on the plane. This is the risk on a plane, of course. So instead of having a nice relaxing week back in the US & a weekend visit to Michigan, […]

Blog- Feb – Apr 2016

Sat Jan 30 I am at Newark airport, waiting for my flight to London. This time last week it was snow-bound & all flights cancelled. Today the sun is out, there’s a little snow on the ground & NYC looks nice in the distance. I have hadΒ  10 interesting days […]

Blog- Oct – Jan 2016

Oct 15 Joan & I had a smooth trip to Walsingham on Monday. The weather was sunny, but on arrival it turned cold & light rain has continued since then. We gave a ride to Fr Graham, the Shrine priest, who was in London. He is a happy, cheery Irishman, […]

Blog – July-Sept 2015

Wed June 17 I arrived in SD last Monday. Unusually for me, I didn’t get much sleep on the flight from Mel, so have been quite tired. Tomorrow I fly to Shaghai – the 4th visit to one of my favourite cities. I will spend 4 days there, returning to […]

Blog – April-June 2015

Thurs April 16 I arrived home safely & on time on Sunday. A quick shower & I was off to Mass at All SS. Because this trip was very quick, without the usual stopovers in the US, I was very jet-lagged & fell asleep before 7 pm. Then I woke […]

My Ministry at All Saints’

Changing and Remaining A History of All Saints’ Church San Diego Stephen Cox For a PDF of this article: click here. Chapter 16 Arriving at the Future The drama of 1999-2002 emphasized the changes that had taken place in the All Saints’ community since the days of Father Satrang. For […]

Blog – Dec ’14-April ’15

Sun Dec 7 Last Sunday 3 friends came for lunch after Mass at All SS. This began 4 days of having friends for either lunch or dinner…..one of them an old friend who has just returned to Melbourne after living in Canada for 20 years. Thursday I attended the opera, […]